silly spoons

Great idea for a thing to keep people from sticking your pens in their purses from a Portland sushi restaurant--someone drew funny faces onto these plastic spoons and taped them onto the pens. I loved the way the looked all sitting in the cup.


here comes the bride!

I received a really fun special order recently from a regular customer who have some friend getting married and wanted a bride and groom set. The thing is, this couple is from India, and the traditional wedding outfits are very different from what we're used to in the Western World. She sent me these two images, showing how the groom wears an off-white suit (not pure white, which is a color of mourning in India) and the bride wears red with a gold detail.
I was up for the challenge, and did a drawing for the customer so she'd have a good idea of what to expect. I wanted to keep the figures simple, yet discover the most important elements in their outfits to use in my design. I really loved the beautiful brocade down the front of the groom's jacket, and decided to make a subtle dot pattern down the front of my figure, and of course a simple turban was going to be another key element.

The bride I usually do has a subtle raised dot pattern on her dress, but in this case I wanted it to be real metal so I found the right size brass nails to make her dazzle. The raised dots replace the fuzzy flocking I usually use, but I do not flock the wedding cake figures in case someone wants to use them on their wedding cake. The paint I use is foodsafe and cleanable, so they can be displayed in the home following the wedding as a memento of their special day. A matching brass bindi on her forehead completed the bride figure.

Here's the finished pieces! I really love their simplicity and it was a really fun challenge!



My friend Anita just sent me this image of this cute little bunny necklace she bought in Las Vegas when she was there for the "Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender." Anita is a great artist herself who goes by the name of "Miss Artypants"--check out her work by clicking here! I bought a great apron with an Elvis impersonator she designed named "Elvin" from her Cafe Press store before the Presley people threatened to sue her! Now he's named Reno Reynolds and all is well.


special orders don't upset us!

I wanted to share some images from a recent commission I got to recreate the two beloved kitties Bunsen and Goose, in the manner of the Fat Purple Cat in the BWAT line. First is the image of the fat cat, and if you click here to go directly to its listing on the Bunny with a Toolbelt site. The owner of these furry felines (or do they own her?) sent me these images to work from:

And then here's the final result. Ta da! I love them and it makes me want to expand the fat cat line to include some more breeds.


on the dot!

Bunny with a Toolbelt was mentioned today in a sweet little blog called On the Dot which is all guessed it: polka dots! Julie updates her blog every single day with new polka dotted goodies, which are definitely near and dear to my heart. Her etsy site features her fun dotty desktop designs that allow you to showcase your own personal images. Click here to check it out!

how they work!

This video shows how the magnetic clasps work in my new line of sculptural necklaces.