We've got Style!

Some selected items in the Bunny with a Toolbelt line are available at the Wood Turning Center in Philadelphia, and I just found out that we were featured in today's New York Times (Style section) in an article about great places to check out in Philly.


more elephants to love...

A British company is producing a limited edition of the elephant furniture sculpture in honor of its designer Charles Eames' 100th birthday. Seems like a great use of the bent-plywood lamination techniques that made him and wife Ray famous with their classic chair. If you're interested in the work of the Eames duo, I highly recommend a dvd set with some of the fantastic films they made that give a glimpse into their work, home, and life.


rub a dub dub

I was searching the web for a picture of a panda bear because I thought it would be a good item to add to my line and needed a little refreshing on how their bodies look. In the process, I came across this interesting picture and had to share. Too bad the kids aren't having a little more fun! Maybe they were expecting something else.


Setting the foundation

I just found this fabulous huge piece of brown fuzzy fabric for my Bunnywood show at the Museum of Contemporary Craft this November. It came from one of my favorite local haunts, SCRAP, which sells all kinds of used stuff that's great for artmaking. I am hoping to get the train and more parts for the foundation in the next week.


magical forest

I made the forest for my upcoming November show at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. Here's the pieces before painting--I plan to make all of the work and then paint it in the weeks prior to installation.


the first of three

I am officially starting work tomorrow on my big window project for the Gallery at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, which will be followed in short order by another window show in December for Guardino Gallery and then the MCC window will move upstairs into their Lab, simultaneously evolving into more of a holiday theme. Phew--just listing that sounds like a lot of work. I have been making some notes for many months, but am really excited to finally have time to get to the real work. Here are some images that will inspire the show. I'll post more sneak peeks as I make progress.



I recently installed a customer's lovebugs in the family's stairwell. They bought 60 of them, enough to make a lovely loop in the 18' expanse of wall. It was a challenge figuring out how to get up there, but the end result was worth it.


sack full of devils

My Bride and Groomzilla figures were mentioned on a really fun blog called Sack Full of Devils. Thanks!

jet set bunny

I am pleased to announce that many of the items in the Bunny with a Toolbelt line will be featured in a book to be published this fall in Taiwan and Japan about dollmakers. Here are the proofs I received for the inside pages, but word on the street is that we will also be the cover art. Yay!