iPod Ghost!

I received this customer appreciation photo from one of the lucky few who bought my trick or treat ghosts--her daughter was inspired and made an iPod ghost buddy to hang out with their new acquisition.


monster wedding!

I got another lovely batch of photos of a wedding I made a custom cake topper for--the couple fell in love with my monster set, but wanted to have it attached to a base that matched the sweet polka dot fabric used for the table settings. To see more beautiful photos of this wedding taken by Dana Grant, click here.


pumpkin-loving westies, baby-loving schnauzers, and a jackadoodle.

I have done a few custom dog orders recently that I'm excited to share. First, a customer who saw a piece in my Etsy shop that involved a cat in a pumpkin patch, though it would be perfect if one of her three cute West Highland White Terriers was there instead. I happily obliged. (Boy, Westies sure are cute!)

Next: another customer saw my New Kid in Town set, and wanted to give it to her friend with a gray Schnauzer gazing longingly at the baby. A few color adjustments on the baby, and here's the finished piece:

Last, I had a request to make a jackadoodle like this cute little sweetie. Since the hair is so wispy, we decided to make it look more like the original by replicating its brown collar with pink polka dots.


get your fall on!

I don't know about you, but this is the first week I finally admitted that fall is here. What better time to embrace the season through decorative objects!! I have now added all of my new Halloween and/or Day of the Dead designs to the Bunny with a Toolbelt Etsy shop. Here's a few sneak previews, or click here to go directly to the store. Many of these pieces are one of a kind, so get 'em while they're still here!


feeling clever today?

My birthday gator was included in a fun Etsy treasury this morning--all twelve items refer to a fairy tale or fable. Click here to try your hand at this guessing game--but don't peek at the comments until you're ready to see the answers! Note: this treasury will expire in a few days


Halloween Weddings?

I designed an Edward Gorey-inspired wedding cake topper set, but before I could even get around to posting them on Etsy, I was asked for an image from for their "Are Halloween Weddings Tasteful or Tacky?" poll. I hope you'll chime in to tell them how tasteful my pieces are by clicking here!


gator brides unite!

The gal behind my very first Florida Gators wedding cake topper commission has her own blog, and she's used the figure I made her as her logo. If you're a fan of either the Florida Gators OR unique wedding blogs, click here and see what this one has to offer.


musical wedding

Here's some sweet photos from yet another wedding I made toppers for. To see more pictures of their special day, click here.



Sure, I liked Little Dot, Little Lotta, and Hot Stuff, but my very favorite childhood icon was Casper the Friendly Ghost. He's just so darned cute, and I always favored positive role models for some reason. (Probably because I was weaned on Sesame Street.) Casper was undeniably positive, always helping his friends out of jams and what not. This one is a bank, and although it seems ridiculous that Casper would need money for anything, I'm sure Richie Rich would approve.

I designed my own cute little ghost figure to add to the Bunny with a Toolbelt lineup.