custom birthday kitties

When I get a request to make a custom pet, it usually is accompanied by a few images of the pet to be immortalized. On a recent project, I got a bunch of hilarious before and after shots--too good not to share with you.

The customer wanted a pair of birthday kitties for her husband. These pictures were sent to work with, apparently taken at the bigger kitty's birthday party. Wow...looks like one hell of a party! Did someone bake catnip in that cake?

I did my drawings....

And made the figures(with a few adjustments from the drawing)

And then was thrilled to get these photos in my mailbox a few days after shipping them off. I have been self-employed as an artist for the past 20 years, but there's always been a middle person between me and my customers. Etsy gives me the opportunity to "meet" so many people each week, and I love being a part of people's lives this way.


Pearl Anniversary

I had a really special special order this spring--a request to do a set of cake toppers to commemorate a couple's 30th wedding anniversary. The customer is the sister of the actual couple, so it was a surprise gift for the party that would be held to celebrate this milestone. Since this is the "pearl anniversary," there was a desire to somehow incorporate pearls into the figures. I was sent these fantastic photos from the couple's original wedding to model the figures after.

My favorite elements were the beautiful headdress that the bride was wearing, and the hip brown trim on the groom's white tux, After doing a drawing for the customer, we agreed on some basics and I got to work. Below is the table display at the anniversary party--I love how the toppers were shown right next to that photo. Nice touch!


at long last....

Bunny with a Toolbelt hits Cafe Press! Choose from six designs, printed on a ton of different shirts and other objects. I'll add more periodically...check back here to find out first!


peary cute!

My mother just sent me this sweet photograph of her table centerpiece I gave her and her hubby for valentine's day this year. Two lovebirds, sitting in the pear tree, surrounded by the real thing!

That brings me to some photos I will share with you of some new trees I made that are great for either centerpieces or wedding cake decor. See my Etsy site for more details!


calling all Portland art lovers!

This weekend is the 10th annual Alberta Art Hop, run by my very favorite nonprofit organization, Art on Alberta! If you're a maker, we just opened a whole new section for vendors. Booth fees are affordable and we encourage artists to double up to make it even more cost-effective to show your art to a crowd of 10,000 or more art lovers.

The featured artist this year is Thelma Johnson Streat (1911-1959) whose work will be shown in four venues up and down Alberta Street. Click here for more information about Art Hop!


What did I ever do without Etsy? I can tell you my little secret I've been keeping for the past month--Etsy interviewed me for their featured seller series, which finally released to the public yesterday. It's been an amazing day already, with emails from old friends, new fans, convos about special orders in the works, and a few people willing to settle for the things I already designed. Thanks Etsy! Click here to read my interview or here to visit my shop--I have been designing a ton of new work in anticipation of the home page feature. Stay tuned--I have several custom projects that I've been meaning to share with you...


Going Dutch!

What a sweet surprise to see my new colorful elephant figure pop up in one of Etsy's articles in The Storque. The feature is about Dutch designer Nina Van de Goor and her colorful home's amazing contents. Click here to read the article, and here to see the Flickr scrapbook of pictures taken around her house, or here to read her lovely blog....And speaking of elephants, tomorrow will be a happy day...I have been working really hard on a new series of cute little elephants that I am planning on putting up on Etsy tomorrow. I'll make sure they parade through here too....


speak softly...

...and carry a big flower.

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music makes me happy.

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