blogging about beauty

I will be focusing the blogging about the production on my upcoming installation The Beauty of Life on my other blog, which you can read by clicking here. I usually keep the content between my two blogs separate, but this project definitely crosses over. I'll do a weekly update here, but most of the writing and images will be there.

Also, a big thanks to Marthe at Lark Crafts for featuring my Kickstarter project on their blog today! Click here to read it.


the next big thing

Hey folks! I been working hard on a super secret project which I'll be able to reveal next month, but I'm also looking ahead to October when I'll mount a big installation here in my home town of Portland, OR. I launched a fundraising campaign through Kickstarter to raise some capital for the pre-production phase. I hope you'll consider supporting this project by purchasing one of the many brooches, tie tacks, or neckpieces that will make up this living wallpaper tribute to William Morris. Thank you!