Love Poem Contest Entry #7!!

A second entry has come in about my toothy gator and bird piece!

Rosie the carnivorous bird had always found it difficult to find Love
Previous partners just couldn't understand her table manners
Then she met Radi the Alligator, a refined Gentleman
Who it turned out, had impeccable taste.....

Rosie was a Raptor Bird
Radi was an Alligator
When they met it was True Love.....

by Nicola of Murano Silver

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Love Poem Contest Entry #6!!

Another last minute entry to the love poem contest! This one is about my lovebirds wedding cake topper display stand.

Above the earth high up in our tree

We can see a lot - you and me

Today the sky is a brilliant blue

From where we sit there’s quite a view

Below us standing in black and white

The most touching and romantic sight

Today a bride and groom are wed

Their eyes a-glow as vows are read

As they declare their love is true

All I can do is turn to you

“We’ve made out home up in this tree

I’d love for you to marry me?”

My feathers ruffle upon my chest

As you turn to me and whisper “yes”

Our beaks lock in love so true

As we sit in our tree – just me and you.

by Deanna

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Love Poem Contest Entry #5!!

We have a fifth contender for the coveted $100 prize in our love poem contest. Dannie sent in this witty entry, inspired by the smiling gator.

Oh Bunny bunny!! You're so funny.
I want to enter but do not banter.
Hilary Hilary the gator's wary.
That is my pick and shall I parody or what was that???

Made to brush - my sink's the place.
I love your work and really dream.
A remodel job would have a place for this pair.
Never to ever brush in despair.

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Love Poem Contest Entry #4!!

Dear Rainbow Dog, the letter read,
Something's gone wrong inside my head.
Though I'm not saying that it's true
It just may have to do with you

It began, you see, one rainy day,
The winds were strong, the clouds were grey
My windows rattled from the pour,
My mind was blank, my heart was sore

I was thinking of Valentine
I thought he'd be forever mine
He was big and strong and grey
Not unlike that rainy day

But it was not meant to be
He grew fat quite naturally
Till he became more bull than dog,
Weighing me down just like a bog

With him my days were dull and blank
With him my spirit simply sank
One day I sat him down and said
He was booted out the door.

The sun rose above the lawn
Clouds were parting with a yawn

Seven streams of glimmering light
Hoops of colour loop your sides
You leapt across that shimmering field
I knew then that my love was sealed
Inside your little rainbow form
Emerging safely from my storm

by Jared Tong

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Love Poem Contest Entry #3!!

About the squirrel.
(by Anna Lockwood)

Sweet squirrel,
Not from here
We’ve never met one.

We’d never met once.

Sweet squirrel.
Offers her heart
With both hands

Like mine, see.

Sweet squirrel
a bit different
But somehow known

Like you and me.

Sweet squirrel
Speaks my language
Despite all that

Like you do.

Sweet squirrel
Chose me
And I choose you.

Pick me.

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moose and mouse wedding

Here's a really sweet commission I did recently--the couple asked me to recreate their totem animals: a moose and a mouse. They wanted them to touch noses on the cake. I have spent a fair amount of time in the great state of Maine, so it was really fun to try my hand at a moose figure. These figures are not attached to the base, so they will sit alone on the wedding cake, but the display stand is for home use later.

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Love Poem Contest Entry #2!!

Of Two Penguins And Their Lives To Come
by bottledinsanity

My heart pounds deep inside my chest
As we lock fingers and embrace,
And stand beside each other closely,
Catching glimpses of your face.

We face each other frozen still,
Our gazes locked in icy blue.
My ears are ringing loud and heavy,
Barely hearing your “I do.”

Your lovely face is part obscured
By veils of white and blushes red.
But black and white do suit you, darling,
As do the flowers atop your head.

My turn at last as fears do grow
Inside my heart of hearts this day.
Can I make your days be happy?
Will you always want to stay?

But as I turn with you, the world
Withdraws, and with you at my side,
I know my fears are unfounded
As we lock lips as groom and bride.

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the ballerina and the soldier

I received a very sweet commission last month to recreate a version of the characters from a beloved Hans Christian Andersen story The Steadfast Tin Soldier.

This project, as well as a few others I did last year, inspired me to create a new custom listing option in my Etsy Shop. I am now taking commissions to make figures for your favorite children's book. Of course, I could be swayed to do just about any book you like. Try me.

deer wedding cake toppers

Here's a recent commission for deer wedding cake toppers--soon a variation on this theme will become a new regular product in my Etsy shop! Check back in February when my 2010 cake topper line makes its official debut.

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Love Poem Contest Entry #1!!

This poem reminds me of when I was fortunate enough to go see Gwendolyn Brooks read in New York when I was in college. I love her language and it's hilarious to me that there's a little Bunny with a Toolbelt in that experience.

Bebe saw my Nasty Little Secret figures and was inspired to write this piece:

~Love Poem~

They met on the net

at the place called Et(sy)

'n she said to him

'n he said to her

what do you like

'n she said to him

'n he said to her

I heart you

'n she hearted him

'n then he said lets meet

'n she said lets meet

but little did he know

'n little did she know that

they both had

a nasty little secret

he wrote to her

'n she wrote to him

where’ll we meet

'n he thought

bar n grille

'n she said no

how 'bout the

cafĂ© aujourd’hui

'n he said no

'n he said to her

'n she said to him

let’s think about it

he thought out loud with

an "awwwww . . . ."

'n she thought out loud with

an "ayyyyyyy. . . . . ."

'n then he wrote

'n she wrote

how 'bout Hollywood 'n Vine

'n he said yes

'n she said yes

'n then he said

'n she said

Will you be Mine?

'n he said yes

'n she said yes

but what they both didn’t

know is that they both

had a nasty little secret

Well, she stood at Hollywood 'n Vine

with a crowd gathered round

'n then he came up 'n looked around

'n then he saw

'n then she saw

a plume of white smoke

'n then he knew

'n she knew

there was a nasty little secret

the crowd parted to the right

'n then he saw her

'n she saw him

'n it was love at first sight

even with that nasty little secret


Bebe is also known on Etsy as Peony Street (She's also having a giveaway on her blog, which you can see here.)

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I pick you.

Remember back in the olden days when a boy would "pin" a girl to show the world that they were "going steady?" Well, I'm revising that timeless tradition by including an adorable little 1" heart squirrel button with every order between now and Valentine's Day. So you can get something for your sweetie AND for yourself, all in one fell swoop! If you want in on the romantic action, they're available in my CafePress shop, where you can get them one at a time, or at a bulk discount for 10 or 100.


show some love and win BIG!

Hello Beautiful Person! It's time for another brand new Valentine-themed contest! This time the theme is love poems. Pick one of the characters from the Etsy Shop, blog, Facebook or Flickr photo albums and write a love poem dedicated to that little cutie. You can also be creative with the theme--one figure wooing another.....have fun with it! Your poem can be a simple "roses are red...." kind of thing, a parody of a famous romantic ode, or an all-out epic. Email it to me at when you're done and I'll post it on the blog and Facebook fan page, along with a link and tag to the website or blog of your heart's desire! Please make sure you tell me which figure(s) your poem is about, and if it's a parody or homage, send all the info about that so I can credit it.

Keep those entries coming--you can enter as many times as you wish between now and February 1, but only one mushy entry will win a $100 gift certificate to my Etsy shop to buy yourself a super sweet valentine gift. Starting February 5, we'll hold another vote to see who's the best bard of all. I'll announce the next phase here and on my Facebook Fan Page so stay tuned, loved ones!


happy new new new!

Hello friends! Need a reason to smile in 2010?? I added three new designs to the Bunny with a Toolbelt cafe press site! Here's a sneak preview for you, but these images are available on all kinds of cool stuff. Click here to see the whole shop!