but wait, there's more!

Here's yet another chance to win a free piece from your favorite handmade cake topper maker. Wow--can you handle it? This time Wedding Bee and I are teaming up for a spectacular giveaway where two lucky people each get a $100 gift certificate towards any existing or custom piece! All you have to do is comment on their blog what your favorite Bunny with a Toolbelt cake topper is. And for a second chance to win, follow Weddingbee on Twitter and retweet this contest. Click here to enter! You have until Friday, June 3rd at 11:59 PM PST to enter. Good luck!


another giveaway!

Here's another chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Bunny with a Toolbelt's Etsy shop! You can use it towards the purchase of something already in the shop, or a custom item. All you have to do is sign up for the newsletter at the Broke-Ass Bride, a really great wedding blog that helps couples have the best wedding on a budget. Click here to see all the details about this giveaway!

rainbow city

I would give my left bunny ear for a chance to see this show!!


got SNAG?

Hello to all of you, especially those affiliated with the Society of North American Goldsmiths, better known by its acronym SNAG.

This week is their annual conference, held in Seattle this time around. I will be representing in two different arenas during Saturday's programming. In the morning, I'll be part of the Professional Development Seminar, a panel discussion about promoting yourself as an artist. The focus will primarily be on the work I do as Bunny with a Toolbelt.
Even if you're not registered for the conference, this is one event that anyone can attend. Click on the image below to find out more details about the Professional Development Seminar.

If you are attending the conference, I hope you got tickets to Exhibition in Motion at the Bellevue Arts Museum. This year's theme is Objects Performed where dancers will wear and perform with the featured artworks. My piece epiphytes|epaulet is part of the body of work I do under my own name Hilary Pfeifer, and will be part of this performance. In a nutshell, Objects Performed is a performance that provides a stage for craft artists and dancer/performers to explore how objects are made to function, and the imagination and improvisation activated in one’s pursuit to use. Curated by Stefano Catalani, Venetia Dale, and Tia Kramer in collaboration with choreographer Amelia Reeber. This is a one-time-only event and sold out but you can see what pieces will be included by clicking here.


and we have a winner! and another!

Hello Beautiful Person!

I'm excited to share with you the two winners of the 2011 Bunny with a Toolbelt "How'd ya get Hitched?" contest!!!

The couple with the most votes was Rhian and James, who kicked the contest off with their story. Click here if you missed it! They were neck and neck with another couple, but pulled ahead by a nose at the end with 53 votes. Congratulations Rhian and James!!

The jury convened and decided that James and Jimmy's story was so sweet and, as Reverend Steve said, "Dude went the extra mile."Gator Bride also commented, saying "I love a good scavenger hunt. And the prize being your fiance waiting at the end surrounded by candles, ready to propose? So romantic. Just thinking about it makes my heart flutter. This is by far one of the most unique proposals I've read in awhile! I love the thoughtfulness the Groom put into the proposal." Click here to relive the magic!

If you didn't win, or forgot to enter, there's a second chance happening right now, and you don't even have to do much to get your name on the list! ReadyMade Magazine is giving away a gift certificate worth $50 to one lucky person who comments on the interview they wrote about me. In the comment, they're asking folks to describe the cake topper they'd like me to make, and the entries are really fun to read through so far. This contest ends tomorrow, so click here to go get your name in the hopper!


let them eat cake!

Hey Beautiful Person! I'm thrilled to be interviewed by ReadyMade Magazine for their Wedding Wednesdays feature on their fantastic blog. Click here to read it! And...did you miss the chance to enter the engagement story contest? Never fear--even if you're not currently engaged, you can leave a comment and maybe win a $50 gift certificate to my Etsy Shop!

In other news, I've now added greeting cards to my Etsy shop. Click here to peruse the offerings in the new greeting cards section!


time for voting!!

Okay's time to roll up your shirtsleeves and help us choose one of the two lucky winners of the How'd ya get Hitched contest! Here's how to play. Brush up on the stories from this year's seven contestants here:

1. Rhian and James

2. Courtney and Michael

3. Simon and Nicole

4. Jamie and Jimmie

5. Dan and Carly

6. Derrick and Lisa

7. Ashley and Jesse

To vote, just comment on the story you think deserves to win the grand prize: a custom cake topper set designed by me! (Please don't comment on this post--comment on the post you want to win because that's what gets counted.) I'll keep the polls open until Wednesday, May 18th at 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time. One vote per person, please.

Meanwhile, our panel of esteemed jurors, Kimberly Farris of Gator Bride, Rev. Steve Sharp from A Beautiful Ceremony NW, and Rebecca Amblin of Origin Flowers will determine a second winner. I'll announce both winners sometime on Thursday. Good luck everyone!


Engagement Story #7!

Hello Beautiful People! Here it is...the last entry in the 2011 "How'd Ya Get Hitched?" contest! If you're still thinking about entering, you have until midnight tonight, Sunday, May 15th to send me your entry, so make it happen! This story comes to you courtesy of Ashley and Jesse, who identify with the giraffe wedding cake topper, so I showed some examples from the three designs I have in my Etsy shop!


Jesse and I had been living together for about 6 months, and talking about getting married, but he had me convinced that he wouldn't have time to think about such things until after baseball season. Jesse works every Giants homegame at the stadium so it's a lot of work. In mid-June, we were going to go up to his family's vacation house near Clear Lake for Father's Day. We'd both been working really hard, and hadn't seen much of each other, so I was kind of bummed that we wouldn't get a weekend alone. As we're driving up, I was so tired that I didn't even notice we'd gone the wrong way. It wasn't until we were driving around some little neighborhood that I finally realized something was amiss. I was commenting on how cute the houses were when Jesse pulled into one and said, okay, let's just stay here then! It was his Aunt's house on the Russian River that he'd secured for a weekend getaway for just us. I was so excited! The river was beautiful, and sweet Goldendoodle Rusty had the best time running along the grass and swimming. I still had no clue. In fact, I made Jesse assure me this wasn't an engagement set up because I wanted to enjoy the weekend and not be thinking, "why's he bending down there, is he going to propose?!?" the whole time. The next morning, groggy without my coffee, I was laser focused on making it, and didn't notice Jesse running around the house setting up a beautiful brunch by the river. He had bagels and lox (my fave!) juice, fruit, it was awesome. After a while, he started telling me how much he loved me, and giving me this speech which I thought "is this it! No, he said not yet..." I was still clueless, and when he paused in his speech, I went back to my bagel. When I turned around, there he was on bended knee and proposing! Thank goodness I'm totally gullible. It was so nice to be surprised! Tears spontaneously sprung to my eyes, ricocheting off my sunglasses, and I said yes. We had the rest of the weekend to ourselves, and to celebrate with our puppy, and drove up to see his father late the next day. Unbeknownst to me, Jesse had run around all day on Friday before we left to get the ring and all the brunch fixings. Sneaky guy, but it was for a good cause!


Engagement Story #6!

Hello Beautiful People! It's the final countdown of our 2011 "How'd Ya Get Hitched?" contest! If you're still thinking about entering, you have until midnight PST Sunday, May 15th to send me your entry, so keep 'em coming. Here's the latest engagement story of Lisa and Derrick, illustrated by my mystical and magical rainbow unicorn bride and groom.

I have known my Fiance, Derrick, since the summer of 2003 when he started skydiving at the same drop zone I jump at. Since we both spend all our weekends out there, and it's more of a lifestyle than a hobby, we got to know each other pretty well over the years. We have been a couple for three years now, and although I knew the question was near, I didn't realize how much so when he surprised me the morning of December 31, 2010. We live in the upper apartment of a duplex, and I was bringing home some laundry I had just done. As I opened the door, I could see that our stairs were lined on each side all the way up with lit tea lights, and there were notes in the middle of each stair that summarized the story of his life, meeting and falling in love with me. The last five stairs had one word each: "Lisa...Will...You...Marry...Me?" And there he was sitting at the top holding the ring! Even though we first fell in love under "extreme" circumstances, this special, surprise, intimate moment he had created for me will be something I remember and cherish forever.


Now we're up to six entries, with two winners--very good odds to win a free custom cake topper! If you're still waiting to enter, send your story in before it's too late! Click here for full details of this year's contest.


super sale!

I just posted a bunch of my early cake topper designs in the Super Sale section of my Etsy shop! These babies start at just $35, so if you're on a budget but still want something handmade on top of your wedding cake, this is the place to go. Here are a few to whet your appetite. There's also a few holiday sets and other random things. Click here to see them all!


Engagement Story #5!

Hello Beautiful People! We're coming down the homestretch of our 2011 "How'd Ya Get Hitched?" contest! I've been enjoying the stories so far--keep 'em coming. This contest ends on May 15th, just a few days away! And Now I present to you: The engagement story of Dan and Carly, illustrated by Mr. and Mrs. Roboto.

I (Carly) had been on a 2 week seminar on Environmental and Social Justice and Sustainability in Nicaragua. Dan and I had not been able to talk the whole time, since I was in parts of Nicaragua without reliable electricity.

On the day I got back to Missoula, MT, Dan asked me for the ring that I wear on my right ring finger, for some “cheap butterfly ring at a thrift store.” I told him, “Ok, but if you want it to be for my left hand, you have to go down a size.” 

A couple days after that, he told me that we were to spend all day together, going out to eat, and that I should dress up a little. So, I awaited his proposal ALL DAY! First he took me out to breakfast at my favorite pancake parlor, but he didn’t ask me then. After, we went to a cute lunch spot called Catalyst, but he didn’t ask me then either. By this time I was really stuffed! We went out to eat at the nicest restaurant in town for dinner, and I sat in suspense the whole time… I couldn’t eat partially because I was so anxious, but mostly because I had already eaten so much food that day. By the end of dinner, he STILL didn’t ask me. I was beginning to think that he changed his mind.

Then, he drove me up to our favorite hiking spot. We call it “Meth Mountain” because we left this freaky wooden angel figure at the top who has all these scary lines on her face (like meth person scary), and each time we have visited, she is still in the same spot, on a rock on the side of the mountain. It was a long drive up the switch-backs, but when we finally reached the top, we hiked up to our little meth angel, and he said, “Those two weeks you were gone was the most time we have passed since we met without talking. I really didn’t like that!” Then, he took out the ring he bought (NOT the cheap butterfly one), and asked me to marry him. And of course, I said yes.

And there you have it! That's five entries, with two winners--very good odds to win a free custom cake topper! If you're still waiting to enter, send your story in before it's too late! Click here for full details of this year's contest.


Crafty Wonderland!

If you're in the Portland area, please come say hi! I will be in booth 145 with my amazing cousin Tripper Dungan!


whose birthday is it?

finally....I present to you my latest animation! All pieces are available on the Bunny with a Toolbelt Etsy site, while supplies last. Enjoy!

Birthday Birthday Birthday! from Hilary Pfeifer on Vimeo.