Jamie and Cameron

Hello Beautiful People! With only a few weeks left, we finally have our second entry in the wedding cake topper contest! This is from a couple who I met recently at Crafty Wonderland's Spring Wedding Extravaganza. Enjoy!----
We met playing Left 4 Dead on Xbox Live when Jamie was living in Michigan and Cameron in Washington DC. 

At first, Jamie thought Cameron was a pompous jerk and hated her, and Cameron thought Jamie was too awesome to exist (true), so he started calling her "SparklePony" because of her inherent unicorn nature. Haha. 

Eventually, after thousands of zombie apocalypses and lots of trivia, they began talking on the phone and then video-chat for hours and hours each day. Cameron would ride the train for an hour to go to the Apple store to make Jamie videos of him serenading her. Jamie sent Cameron mixed CDs with pictures of unicorns on them. After months of falling in love, Cameron got on a plane to Michigan because he couldn't stand being away from Jamie for one more second. They had an amazing weekend, but Cameron eventually had to get on a plane and go back to DC. After a week of being apart and miserable, Jamie got in her car and drove to Cameron. She never went back. Home is where your unicorn is. :)

After traveling thousands of miles together and making a beautiful son, they settled in Portland, OR  where Cameron grew up. Cameron proposed to Jamie by Xbox, just as they fell in love. He called her downstairs to play as usual, and she found the ring on her controller. He instructed her to open her messages where there was a message from him, a very familiar sight. She cried, which she only usually does when there's no more cheese.

We're getting married in September and are having a super personalized wedding. We wore zombie shirts to our engagement photos because they brought us together. The unicorn toppers would mean the world to us. It's a nod to how we fell in love and we would cherish them forever, just as we will each other. :)


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