which witch is which?

New in the Bunny with a Toolbelt Etsy store! I've designed some new Halloween critters, which I'll reveal here on the blog over the next few days. If you just can't wait, click here!


color me curious

If you haven't figured it out by now, I am a big fan of color, color, color! Thus, why would I not adore Kris' Color Stripes, a blog devoted to picking out the dominant colors in a given image. I was never formally trained as a designer, so it's really great to see this simplification of a common industry standard. Plus, she picks very compelling images that make me smile.


how to have FUN at your wedding

My cake toppers were featured on yet another wedding blog - 100 Layer Cake - which has an active posting schedule of wonderful craft inspired weddings. I was thrilled to be a part of this one--complete with caramel apples, fake moustaches, and check out that awesome wedding dress! Looks like it may have been a hot day when I look at the tilt on those elephants....or maybe they had a bit too much champagne?

donkeys + deer + cupcakes = love

Isn't the web great? I made a custom wedding cake topper set last spring for a couple who hired the incredibly talented team at JL Photografia as the event photographers. These stunning....let me repeat were blogged over at Green Wedding Shoes, which led a curious reader to track me down to talk about a custom set of her own. I guess when you type in "deer and donkey wedding cake toppers" I am the one who comes up. Hmmm.....who would have thought? (kidding!) Here are the pictures that include my toppers, but click here to see even more of JL Photografia's amazing photos from emilie + russell's gorgeous wedding.


larger work now available on Etsy!

Neighborhood Birds has officially ended--it was a fantastic run and Tripper and I hope to collaborate again sometime. (next time it's gonna be elephants!) I have posted a few pieces that came home with me on my Etsy site in a new section for larger work. It's called "big critters" since I already have a "little critters" section. Click here to go there--here's a preview.


an English country garden wedding

Here's another set of customer appreciation pictures from someone who got my blue bird cake toppers. So nice to see them on that beautiful cake and I'm also drooling over that beautiful wedding dress!


I recently made another really tall piece, similar to the storybook one that recently sold. (click here to see that) This one's a birdwatcher.


how to cope with the cruel "no dogs allowed" rule

This set was ordered as a surprise for a couple--they were thrilled when the cake came out because their beloved pooches weren't allowed at the wedding venue. These custom topper set made it feel like they were there in spirit. Awwwwww! Images below walk you through the steps in this commission. Enjoy!

Thanks so much to the customer who sent me the picture of the pieces on the cake she made. I love to hear the end of the story that I played a little part of.


an army of FUN!

I have been having a hard time keeping these posy-wielding monsters in stock. So I made ten.


a declaration of fabulousness

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all giraffes are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator (Bunny with a Toolbelt) with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. With rainbows, stripes and polka dots for all.

Click here to see this one of a kind piece in my Etsy store!

won't you take a ride in my electric car?

I see a lot of Bunny with a Toolbelt characters supporting clean energy here! Woo hoo!!!


various animals on random round things

Here's a few things I whipped up this summer while getting ready for the Neighborhood Birds show. Enjoy!


build your own home--in six days!

Just read this amazing story about a guy who has built a house out of Legos!! Click here to learn more.


Neighborhood Birds--the slide show

I put together a little online slide show of my work for the Neighborhood Birds show. You can view it here or click on it to take you to my Picasa site. I wrote notes for each piece that includes dimensions and price information.