engagement story contest entry #7!!

One last entry in the engagement contest--I know I'm posting late, but I've been setting up my booth for Crafty Wonderland! This story comes from Alyce, who recently had me make the custom cake topper for her wedding, soooooo, that's what I've used to illustrate her entry. Check out the amazing picture of her moments after being proposed to! Wow. If she wins, we'll have to figure out some kind of arrangement, but for now, please sit back and hear the tale of her and her beau-to-be Aaron. At the end, I'll have information about voting, so don't miss it!

Our engagement story is 16 years in the making and spans across two once-shattered hearts; three different states; one diabetic kitten found on the side of a Michigan road, transplanted across the country with Aaron, and ultimately reunited with her original rescuer, me, in Colorado; an adopted dog who was afraid of men until he met Aaron; our two moms who should have been twins, or at least best friends, but didn't meet until we got together; at least 72 miraculously incredible friends and family members; several dozen tears (some from joy); countless snort-laughs; Three poetry books; a few stand-up comedy routines; a collection of approximately 510 ducks; and a perfect match that couldn't be ignored.
I'm an intensely colorful character. Always have been. Just ask my friends from long long ago with whom I've reconnected on Facebook. I laugh loudly and often, and when I really get going I break into peals of snorts. I'm a class clown who holds a running record of people-I've-made-wet-their-pants-because-they've-laughed-so-hard. I'm up to 35, in case you're wondering. I'm a bit of a rebel who questions authority and challenges the status quo. I dress funny. My crowning fashion achievement occurred when I discovered Wonder Woman underroos in my size and proceeded to wear them on the outside of my clothes whenever possible. In short, my personality is obnoxiously ostentatious. I've been reminded of that many times by people who have been uncomfortable in my presence. Over the years, though, a lesson has emerged: I am just like I am, quirks and all, for a reason. Initially, the lesson took root in my work as an unorthodox Child and Family Therapist. The change was slow and scary and I have a visual that correlates perfectly: as I embraced others' overwhelming need for me to collect ducks because I have been blessed with the last name of Duckworth, my true personality came out more and more. I let go of my former need to be an “appropriate” “adult” “professional,” and as that happened, I seemed to improve my ability to connect with hundreds of phenomenal young people. My office is now overrun with an insane number of ducks, and I have become the principal of a wonderful school for kids with severe behavioral issues (just like me!).
It didn't stop there. I found a church that accepted my snorts during the liturgy, a group of unbelievable friends who accepted my personality unconditionally, and Aaron. After being friends for 15 years and dating for 1, he proposed during a “girls' night out” with my awesome friends. Sometimes I still can't believe how blessed I am. Aaron is the star in my Converse high-tops. He is the snort in my laughter, the play in my childishness, the “Wonder” in my “Woman.” He's the rhyme in my slam poetry, the passion in my rebellion, and the dance in my music. At the risk of outdoing the entire state of Iowa with my corniness, Aaron is the color in my Mallard! sweet.
Okay kids--it's time to vote! Here's how we'll do it--look back on the Bunny with a Toolbelt blog to read all seven entries which have been posted in the past month or so. Your vote is your comment beneath the post you want to win a custom wedding cake topper set from me! You have until 11:11 pm Pacific Standard Time on Monday, May 3rd to comment, and I'll announce the winner sometime in the middle of next week. Good luck everyone!

engagement story contest entry #6!!

We're down to the wire with the Bunny with a Toolbelt engagement contest! Here's the latest tale from Jenny and Allen, who chose my bride and groom squirrels to illustrate their story. Take it away, kids!

Allen and I met, got to know each other, and fell in love while working together at Urban Outfitters in Evanston, Illinois. When Allen proposed, we were together for nearly 4 years. The Friday evening of the week President Obama was elected (which felt like a magical time in Chicago), I went over to Allen's house. He had a flower for me, a pink rose with a green ribbon tied into a bow around it. We had plans to go to one of our favorite Japanese restaurants that night, and we were rushing a bit to get there on time. While not a restaurant we go to a lot, it wasn't too strange that we were going out to eat. We finished dinner, and then Allen wanted to go get his favorite dessert – chocolate chip paradise pie at Chili's. The Chili's we went to just happens to be down the street from the Urban Outfitters where we met. After we were done eating dessert, Allen stood up really quick and said we had to go. I didn't realize at the time that he was so nervous at this point, but looking back, he was a wreck. Our next stop was to window shop at the store we used to work at. Again, that's not something really out of the ordinary because we do that a lot. So Allen took me to a part of the windows at Urban that was actually difficult to see into because of the display. He started telling me about what he loved about me, and we talked about our relationship for a little while until he got down on one knee and proposed – right where it all began! So, of course I said yes, and we'll be getting married on October 9 in Chicago.

I later learned that Allen went to my mom and dad's places to tell them he was planning to propose. My mom lives near Sybaris, which is one of those cheesy hotels that has waterslides from the beds into the in-room pools and mirrors on the ceilings. There are a couple of those in the area, and Allen initially set his GPS to the wrong one, taking an hour-long detour. By the time he got to my mom's, it was pretty late, and when he showed up alone, my mom thought something really bad happened to me . . . oops!

We want to give our wedding a fun and unique handmade and vintage flair. The reception is at a great antique warehouse, and we're trying to either make or collect a lot of the things that go into weddings. We're thrifting vintage plates, having 1" buttons made from old children's books, and shooting some of our engagement pictures with my collection of old Polaroid cameras, among many other details. It's coming together in large part because of the great vintage and handmade things we're finding on Etsy, and these cake toppers are just another one of those perfect little touches.

As of this posting, there's only a few more hours in the here for the rules and get me your story before it's too late to win my fabulous prize!!

all aboard! next stop Crafty Wonderland!

All of the stars of the silver screen will be present...come find yourself this weekend at Crafty Wonderland!

it's a crafty crafty crafty crafty wonderland from Hilary Pfeifer on Vimeo.


more stuff for Crafty Wonderland!

These original pieces will be available this weekend at Crafty Wonderland! Get 'em while they're hot!

See you this weekend!
P.S. Anything I don't sell will eventually be posted on my Etsy site.


what's the collective noun for a group of topiary bushes?

My first proposal: a tipping of topiaries. (Hmmm....I see another contest in our future!) This tipping of topiaries was made with your mother in mind, all of which will be at my Crafty Wonderland booth this weekend! What's Crafty Wonderland, you ask? Click here and ye shall be enlightened.

Crafty Wonderland...this weekend!

Hello Beautiful Person!

As promised, I am back to show you a few of the brand new items I'll be having at this weekend's Crafty Wonderland! The first batch of work isn't exactly brand new....I did some modifications to the stars of my first stop action short For the Love of Dog so now they're sporting birds, party hats, and cocktails galore.

I'll be back to show you more in a little bit. While you're waiting, click here to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Crafty Wonderland!


king of bunny love

Yay! It's finally time to announce my participation in a great project--the Art in Hand Playing cards! This is a deck of cards that features the work of 54 Portland artists, and yours truly got to design the King of Hearts!

All works are ready for your viewing pleasure at Bidding for Good - click here for the link to my card, but look around to see the entire deck, which is fabulous. My piece can be purchased through this auction site, and over 90% of the proceeds will go to my favorite nonprofit organization, Art on Alberta!

We'll be presenting all the works live and in person at the 11th Annual Art on Alberta Art Hop so you can see before you bid. This exhibition will be at our Grow Gallery May 14-16th, 2010, from 11-6pm each day. Grow Gallery is located at 1614 NE Alberta. Art Hop will be on May 15th.

Art on Alberta is also selling the card decks for only $13. Click here to order yours today!


engagement story contest entry #5!!

Hello Beautiful Person! I hereby present to you our fifth contestant in the "tell us your engagement story" contest! This is from Alison and her beau-to-be, who tell their tale of love in the Big Apple. (Need a refresher on the rules? Click here.) Voting will commence in early May. The couple chose the Deer Bride and Groom cake toppers to illustrate this story.

It was the end of a summer fashion internship in New York City for me and a baseball filled summer for him. He came to pick me up and we stayed in the city for one more night in an awesome hotel. We took a nap and I woke up to him rushing around the room and saying things like “We are late for our reservations!” Anyone who knows us, knows that I am the high strung, organized one that makes reservations. I just sat there in awe.

I was completely chill and said, “We’re in New York! There are twenty billion restaurants that are open all night. We can go somewhere else.” Still, he was really upset, so I decided to go with it. We rushed out of the hotel and toward the Subway. Once we got on the train I said, “So, where are we going?” And he said, “To the Brooklyn Bridge!” (Meanwhile, we’re going in the wrong direction on the WRONG TRAIN!). We ended up getting off at a stop near where we were supposed to be. He refused to let me go grab a map, because he ‘’knew where he was going.’’ (Right.)

After “walking in the way he thought we should go” for about an hour and a half, we definitely weren’t seeing the Bridge. At this point, I was starting to get pissed. Really. Pissed. A $9.50 cab ride later, we were at the end of the Brooklyn Bridge. At this point, it was about 11:30pm and we hadn’t eaten since noon. I was STARVING and PISSED- bad combination.

He told me the restaurant we had reservations at was ONLY 7 blocks away. Yeah, I wasn’t walking 7 blocks. So, I looked around where we were standing and saw the GOLDEN ARCHES of McDonalds. I demanded a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and he obliged (I love him!).

After our bellies (and arteries) were full, we started walking on the bridge. It was an instant mood change. I was so happy. As we were walking, he started getting weird. Then he said something about our futures together and how I make him so happy. Then I turned around and he was fumbling in his pockets and took a box out. I said, “Shut the hell up! That is not what I think it is.” Then HE PROPOSED! Obviously I said yes.

It was a perfectly imperfect night! I regret being so mean to him when he got us lost, but now we look back and remember that it is a great representation of how we will make mistakes and we'll be mad at each other, but in the end, our relationship will withstand all of those things. At our wedding, we will be serving Brooklyn Brewery beer and McDonald's will be delivered to our after party to remind us that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

work in progress

I'll be posting previews for the next week of all the cute critters on my workbench--all my latest batch of work will debut at Crafty Wonderland and whatever's leftover after that will find its way into my Etsy shop. No early sales--come buy in person! And don't forget one of Crafty Wonderland's fun perks: free bags of goodies for the first 200 in the door each day. You can bet I contributed to that!


show us your colors!

Hey Portland! My favorite nonprofit organization Art on Alberta is having a fundraiser tonight! Won't you join us for fun, prizes, and lots and lots of colors?



I was recently summoned to make a hedgehog, which has got to be one of the cutest animals in the known universe. Please don't tell my dog I said that.


the big little tree at green bean

Yay! I brought my tree to Green Bean Books yesterday and it's just perfect in the window. Jennifer, who's posing here with one of the books she'll use to fill out her window, loved the Scrabble tile leaves especially because she uses Scrabble Tiles to mark the different alphabetical sections of her bookshelves! The little reading guy at the base was hard to photograph--he has some cute rainbow socks and Converse-style sneakers with a big star.


miniature worlds collide

I was excited to see this article in the New York Times about the current trend of miniature dollhouses! I bought a really sweet little modern pad at my favorite local thrift store ReRun many few months ago, and it's been sitting below my painting workbench, waiting for the right time to start decorating it with Bunny with a Toolbelt flair! Of course, a few stop action movies have been occupying my time. Speaking of which, I'm proud to announce the latest installment! Enjoy it for now and then cross your fingers--maybe I'll start working on my dollhouse this summer.

it's a crafty crafty crafty crafty wonderland from Hilary Pfeifer on Vimeo.