two new bird wedding cake toppers

you know where to find them, right? (bunnywithatoolbelt.etsy.com)

felty deliciousness

I just stumbled across this incredible promotional video!

check out Hine's Etsy shop for the cutest camera cases I've ever seen....


more monsters!

a sampler of the new monsters I posted on my Etsy site last week.....all I ever wanted to do was rollerskate...

daydream believer

how long has it been since you did this?

pizza anyone?

he (silently) screams for ice cream.

party monster!

don't forget to eat your vegetables!

art pepper!

While trolling the web, I came across this bread iPod, which led me to the blog of Edith Zimmerman, who takes playing with your food to a new level.


hello kitty wedding!

tulip love.

I have had a dream for such a long time to make brides with tulips, and now my dream has come true.

Available on my Etsy site.

mother and child reunion

brand new on my Etsy site!


Anita Weds!

I just got a sweet email from Anita, a wedding celebrant in the Chicago area who featured my work on her blog. If you're looking for the right officiant for your windy city wedding, she looks like the one I'd certainly choose. Click here to see her website and here to read her blog.

The Hungry Caterpillar Cupcakes Cake!

....courtesy of the Coco Cake Cupcakes blog!


Happy Families love Etsy!

My article about my Happy Family wedding cake toppers was published today on Etsy. Click here to read it! (photo by James Newman)

modern brides and grooms

Get ready for a flurry of new wedding cake topper designs, which I will post here over the next few days. I'm really excited about these modern bride and grooms, which I just posted on Etsy. Click here to learn more.

when bunnies drool....

I have been a fan of illustrator Charley Parker ever since Todd Oldham put a big fat coffee table book of his drawings together a few years back. I just came across a sweet little book called Charles Harper's Birds & Words, which is an incredible collection of hundreds of this prolific artist's interpretations of our fine feathered friends. It's particularly interesting after spending some quality time last week with Tripper Dungan looking at a book on the illustrations of John James Audobon. Tripper was fascinated by the little habitats that inhabited the space below these images where the bird took up most of the visual space, and I really appreciated that attention to detail. I was reminded of it when looking at this book of Harper's birds, especially how he can say so much about a bird's nesting/eating/dwelling space with the simplest of lines or forms.

When looking for images to accompany these thoughts, I discovered a very nice online article about the covers Harper created for the covers of the Ford Times, a magazine published by the Ford Motor Company for almost 40 years. I hope someday we can return to an era where a car company allows something well-designed (not to mention natural) to grace their covers. Click here to read the article.


custom kitties for a wedding cake

Another recent commission for a cat-loving couple--to alter the bride and groom kitties from my Etsy site to the couple's two cat breeds. (plus a little poetic license--extra spots and stripes.)

A dog for a special 3 year old

I had a special request to make a birthday dog for the top of a birthday cake recently. The family's dog is a German Shorthair, a breed I'm quite familiar with, since it's one of the ingredients in the recipe for my own dear little mutt. And, as you might recall in a recent blog entry, a recent challenge when I made a replica of our dog for my sweetie on valentine's day. Here's the final piece, which was sent off in the mail today.


collaboration in the early stages

This September at Guardino Gallery, I'm doing a collaborative show with my cousin Tripper Dungan, a great artist in his own right. We are starting to make big plans to bring creature comforts to Alberta Street--here are shots from our first meeting at another great Alberta joint, the Bye and Bye.

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happy clouds


Leader of the pack

Brand new from the Bunny with a Toolbelt workbench--a monster on a motorcycle! Available on my Etsy site!