another contest!

Hey Beautiful Person! Need a little spending cash in the Bunny with a Toolbelt store? I'm having another contest and this time the big prize is not one, not two, but three gift certificates worth $100 each!!

This time it's a photo contest--take a gander at the items in my Etsy shop, blog archives, or Facebook fan page and pick one to emulate. It's up to you how elaborate you want to get, but take a picture of yourself acting like one of my figures in whatever way you see fit.

I'll post all entries here on the blog between now and December 9th. Then we'll have a two day voting period where you can all help decide the winner. The three prizes will be awarded in the following categories:
1. most hilarious
2. most creative
3. people's choice

You can enter as many times as you want, but each person who enters can only win one of these gift certificates. The winners will be announced on December 12, 2009.

So get your thinking caps on and send photos to me at If you're not in the mood to dress up and look like a fool in front of the whole world, you can always click here and buy a gift certificate for the Bunny with a Toolbelt afficionado in your world.

calling all cake toppers!

I get a lot of customers who see what I've already made and want it to be slightly altered to match their eye or wedding colors, etc. And then I get some customers who have a hunch I can make something they've never seen before but MUST have. This topper falls into that category.

The request came from a couple who are both police officers and really wanted a cake topper with the bride and groom's heads coming out of the car. I was sent a very detailed drawing and knew I could do it. I redrew it in my style, even though the picture was great--I think of my picture (as well as the Etsy listing) as my contract, so here's my version:

Here's the final result:

I added some tin cans on the back of the car--seemed like the right thing to do.


cute and colorful

Here's another custom order for wedding cake toppers....


gone fishin'

This was a commission from another one of my Florida Gators customers--I'm so pleased with it--I just hope it makes it across the country in one piece! It's for the Groom's Cake, actually, combining the groom's love of Florida Gator Timmy Tebow, and his fondness for fishing with his German Shorthair Pointer.


we interrupt this blog.....

....for a little video fun. enjoy!

(Hey Facebook fans, if you can't see this cool video, click the link that says "original post")

giraffe sighting!

A customer sent me this great picture of my giraffe wedding cake toppers at their appearance on the big day! Mmmmmm...that cake looks GOOD!

photo by Gary Mobbs


The Duck and the Kangaroo

I recently did a special commission for my friend, author Jane Wattenberg, to celebrate the publication of her latest book. Or, in her own words: At last, Edward Lear's fabulous love poem, THE DUCK AND THE KANGAROO, comes to life in a book of it's very own!
“My life is a bore in this nasty pond, and I long to go out in the world beyond. I wish I could hop like you,” said the Duck to the Kangaroo.

Jane Wattenberg weaves Edward Lear's very own paintings of animals (find a turtle, squirrel, parrot and owl), as well as bits of paintings from other naturalist artists 1550-1850, into the pages of her evocative photo-collage illustrations.

This is a beautiful, emotive and loving interspecies romance. Click here to order this book for your very own! And here's the commission I made for her:
Jane also asked me to make a kangaroo with a joey in her pouch. Sweet. I will have to make some more of these for my Etsy store eventually.


Sitka Art Invitational--this weekend!

I have two of my nativity sets in the Sitka Art Invitational this weekend. If you're in the Portland area and want one of these sets while supporting a fantastic organization, here are some of the highlights of this year's show:

Wednesday, November 11th, David Douglas Room, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Art & Text Workshop by Rebecca Wild Wednesday

Thursday, November 12th, David Douglas Room, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Watercolor Elements of Landscape by Molly Hashimoto

Friday, November 13th, Miller Hall, 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Opening Night Party with the Artists

Saturday, November 14th, Miller Hall, 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Panel Discussion - How do art and nature connect?

Saturday & Sunday, November 14-15, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Public Exhibit and Sale

The Sitka Art Invitational is an important source of support for Sitka Center's Workshop and Residency Programs. The Workshop Program provides opportunities for artists to teach and study in workshops from late spring through early fall; the Residency Program offers opportunities for artists to pursue individual research projects from late fall through early spring. If you're moved to contribute to these programs and are not able to attend the Art Invitational, please feel free to donate online.


Vote for Me!!!

Hey Bunny with a Toolbelt fans! My Thanksgiving Set made the cut for Etsy's "Which Item Would Get you in the Kitchen" [to cook your Thanksgiving dinner] weekly vote. Click here and scroll down to the bottom of their page to see my set and cast your vote!