I'm famous in Kong!

Nice video showing my deck and another very cool one that I just ordered on Amazon! You know where to get mine by now, right?


Meanwhile, down on the farm.....

I've gotten some great commissions this year - the first is a llama bride and groom with all the markings from the couple's actual pets!

And here's a custom goat set. The little pink one is to represent the couple's child.  These are made in the style of Alpine Goats.  The groom has a toolbelt still my beating heart.....


Playing Card original work at Oregon College of Art and Craft!

Hey Beautiful People! I am showing original work from last year's playing card deck at Oregon College of Art and Craft this month! The show runs through the month of April. Decks and uncut sheets are also available, as well as a new batch of King and Queen of Hearts animals featuring animals found in the deck! Here's a sneak preview of some of my favorites.