Indie Goodness Giveaway!

Hey Beautiful Person! Want to get in on a big bunch of free goodies just in time for Mother's Day? I was invited to take part in Scoutie Girl's "Indie Goodness Giveaway" along with 23 other top independent designers. I thought my love monster would be the perfect mother's day gift, so that's what you can get from Bunny with a Toolbelt. And did I mention this stuff is FREE???!?

Now here's what you have to do: go to the Scoutie Girl website by clicking here.

Visit one of these indie designer's websites by clicking on the links or images, browse around, find something you like, make a mental note.
Come back to Scoutie Girl, make a comment on their post about what you liked and where you saw it (no hotlinking necessary, just the website's name).
That's it! You're entered.
Repeat as many times as you like for each designer listed, make a separate comment for each one, and you're entered each time. There are your 24 opps to win this incredible bounty of handmade goodness, valued at $547!
To make it even easier, I'll break the big group down into more manageable, bite-size pieces...
Each day, for the next 6 business days, I will post a grouping of 4 donations, and you'll be able to enter on that post as well.
The Scoutie Girl Indie Goodness Giveaway ends Wednesday, May 14th at midnight. All entries must be rec'd by then to be eligible. One winner will be drawn - selected by a random number generator.

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