the butts have it!

I always feel flattered when someone includes my work in their Etsy Treasury. If you don't know what an Etsy Treasury is, it's when someone puts together a collection of 12 things on a theme and displays them on one page. Sometimes those treasuries are chosen to be featured on the front page of Etsy, which many consider to be an honor.

Well today I got included in the most unusual theme ever, called "Does This Make My Butt Look Big?" One of my protesting Santas was chosen, and it's really interesting to see the way that the theme of butts was interpreted. Case in point, some things are plays on the catchphrase used in the description of the treasury, like this one that says "Does this Scarf Make my Butt Look Big?" Another submission is handmade goat milk soap, a more indirect connection, but I think it works.

Click here to see the Does this Make My Butt Look Big Treasury (Note: treasuries are only available for a few weeks, so this link will not always be valid.)

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