Custom Bride and Groom

I have been working on another custom bride and groom wedding cake topper set and thought I'd share the story with you. The customer wanted to commission a special set for her dear friends and saw my Etsy listing about the unique Indian bride and groom set I made last year. We worked together to come up with a unique set that was a challenge for me, but worthwhile because I'm very happy with the results.

Here were the parameters: the bride is Sikh and was wearing a Seafoam tea-length tutu dress similar to the one Carrie wore on the last episode of Sex and the City, except it's red. There are tiny red rhinestones embedded in the dress. The groom's suit will be black, and lined with sari fabric. (That's too detailed to render in my minimalist figures, but the idea is so lovely, sweet, and symbolic so I thought I'd share it here.) He's also not wearing a top hat, and the boutonniere is a purple Scottish thistle.

Here's my solution. I did a few drawings first, and then when we had agreed, made this figure with Swarovski rhinestones embedded in the skirt.

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