when bunnies drool....

I have been a fan of illustrator Charley Parker ever since Todd Oldham put a big fat coffee table book of his drawings together a few years back. I just came across a sweet little book called Charles Harper's Birds & Words, which is an incredible collection of hundreds of this prolific artist's interpretations of our fine feathered friends. It's particularly interesting after spending some quality time last week with Tripper Dungan looking at a book on the illustrations of John James Audobon. Tripper was fascinated by the little habitats that inhabited the space below these images where the bird took up most of the visual space, and I really appreciated that attention to detail. I was reminded of it when looking at this book of Harper's birds, especially how he can say so much about a bird's nesting/eating/dwelling space with the simplest of lines or forms.

When looking for images to accompany these thoughts, I discovered a very nice online article about the covers Harper created for the covers of the Ford Times, a magazine published by the Ford Motor Company for almost 40 years. I hope someday we can return to an era where a car company allows something well-designed (not to mention natural) to grace their covers. Click here to read the article.

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