Rabbit Rabbit

You know that superstition where the first words you utter each month are "rabbit rabbit" which means you'll have a good month.....or something like that...well, I'm starting out the first blog posting for June with a good luck blessing for all of you. And fasten your seat belts! I'm going to post one custom wedding cake topper I've made recently every single day this month. Lucky you!

Kicking it all off is a recent commission for a moose and a goose bride and groom. The couple loved the moose bride I had already designed, but wanted a a Canada Goose (they mate for life, dontcha know?) groom to bring their totem animals into the theme of their wedding celebration. They also took advantage of my new service--custom wedding cake invitations with your toppers on the top! These invitations are designed by the super awesome Go-go Gadget Girl Peggy, who works with you to find the right layout and wording to get your friends and family excited about your special day. (If you're interested in learning more about how you can get in on this action, click here to email me and I'll give you the scoop.)

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