Engagement Story #4!

Are you ready for another story? Here's the fourth entry in our "How'd Ya Get Hitched?" contest, submitted and narrated by Jamie about her proposal from Jimmie. They chose my lemon lovebirds wedding cake topper to illustrate their engagement story. (Cake topper photographs by Jill Heupel!)

My fiancé Jimmie and I had been dating for about eight months before we got engaged. He is in the army and was away at training for deployment. While gone he had come with this master plan to ask me to marry him and had asked some of my friends to help out. Well I am very inquisitive and my friends are not the best at keeping secrets so about a week before all was supposed to happen I had figured out the whole engagement. But I didn't tell anyone cause I still wanted it to happen. So the week before I was getting ready for that Saturday getting my nails done and what not knowing I was getting engaged. Then a death in his family happened the Tuesday before and the funeral was scheduled for the Saturday everything was supposed to happen. So all plans were canceled and I literally had no idea the engagement would happen, especially not thinking the next day. The next day after the funeral we went to church and went out to lunch like every other Sunday. We came to my house and had bought a lot of stuff for a super bowl party we were having that night.

As we got to the door Jimmie said "I forgot my phone in my car, you go inside and I will go get it." So I went inside with my hands full of stuff and to my surprise there were rose petals everywhere and my roommates to greet me. They had me follow the ribbon around the house to different puzzles or clues such a jigsaw puzzle of a photo of us, putting pictures in order of events and a huge card he had made saying why he loved me. After all the clues I was sure he was downstairs ready to propose. But when I went back downstairs he was not there but a note saying “Get in the car and don’t ask questions” I went outside and my best friend from out of town was there with her car. We got in, she drove as my roommate blindfolded me and would not tell me where we were going. As we drove they asked me questions about Jimmie and I’s relationship and if I got them right they would go faster and slower if I was wrong. We finally reached our destination and they took the blindfold off. We were at Opryland Hotel!! I was given a map to go find him (the hotel is huge). Finally I arrived at a gazebo with rose petals and candles and most importantly my man. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. After the celebration there we went back to the house and to my surprise our super bowl party was actually an engagement party as well. It was the perfect day and I couldn’t have been more surprised and happier.

Are you a currently engaged couple wanting to win a custom cake topper made by Bunny with a Toolbelt? Let's hear your story!! There's still three weeks to enter the contest! Click here for details.


  1. I am voting for myself... is that allowed??? : )

  2. I'll vote for Jamie and Jimmie any time! As mother-of-the bride any savings on the wedding cost is more than encouraged!!!

  3. Love this story :) and I love you guys!

  4. Any engagement plan involving a puzzle and following a trail of notes is tops in my book!