Limerick Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered my limerick contest! Here's the winners.....drum roll please......

Third prize of $100 in my Etsy shop goes to Juliane for her ditty about my goat cake toppers!

For the wedding of the goat and the goat
They did not ask for a single bank note
They didn't want any goodies
Not even bedsheets or hoodies
All they wished for was Martha Stewart's vote

Second Prize (also for $100 from Bunny with a Toolbelt's Etsy shop goes to Donna for this one that cracked me up:

There once was a girl and with wood
created what few of us could
she ‘Martha’ed’ with paint,
she ‘Martha-ed’ with glue
the only thing left is to be ‘Martha’ed’ by you!

And our first prize winner ($250 of Bunny goods!!!) is Janet. (I'm a sucker for the saw reference.)

“Every tree has a story,” she said,

as carved animals formed in her head.
What’s more “American Made”
than a girl with saw blades?
Martha, help her dreams be more widespread.

Thank you again to everyone who entered--this was a lot of fun! I'm still waiting to hear the contest winners, but you made me smile along the way.  

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