J is for.....

Good Morning, Beautiful People!!!
(Well, it's morning where I am, at least.)
I'm going to start this post out with the video accompaniment, because I think it's perfect music for viewing this week's entry. 
Okay, now that you have that playing in your head, here we go. I have been trying to post this latest bird for a few days, but am finally here to share one of the stalwart avians in my life, the Junco. There are a few variations of this species, but I had to choose the Oregon Junco because....well, you know.

 J is for Jethro,
who led a jug band.
He ______________ (pooted a toot?)
all over the land.
J! A Junco who jams on a jug!

 As you can see, I'm not quite done with the rhyme yet, but I'll get there.  

I'm tempted to make a few more band members to accompany him for the book--we need a washtub bass, right? 
One last note before I go, if you're going to be in the Portland, OR area this summer and want to see four of the Alphabirds, they will be hanging out at the State of Oregon Craft show at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, which opens to the public this Friday, June 5th. (I'll be there for the members' preview on the 11th, and the curatorial walkthrough on the 13th.)
Take care and thanks for all the sweet messages about Alphabird! It really helps me keep moving along.

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