We're Up all Night to get Fun-Q-ie!

Hello Beautiful People!
We're coming down the homestretch with the last eight birds underway!  Today's post will reveal our Q bird--which wasn't that hard, but finding an instrument that started with a Q.......?  Well, I'm happy with my choice for this one. 
 Q is for Quincy
world renowned disco queen,
she strummed funky pop hits
on a rhinestone qinqin!
So.....for those of you unfamiliar with ancient Chinese instruments......a qinqin is a three (or four) stringed guitar-type instrument, as exemplified by the YouTube master playing for a captive audience: 
 I found a nice image online of a beautifully designed qinqin as such: 
 and based mine on that design as such: 
 Apparently, birds are no stranger to roller skates: 
(xoxoxoxo Carol Spinney!)
Growing up in the 70's, I really loved to roller skate. I wasn't into fancy tricks or anything, but really loved the free feeling it embodied.  Here's a few videos I found to show you what I mean. 
 Back soon with the letter O!  
take care,

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