Food for Thought

I was looking through my postcard collection the other day and found this great one--thought it belonged on my studio wall, if not on the blog. Now that the website is done, I'm thinking a lot about what new products I want to make. I would like to expand the Christmas village or Putz offerings. This is in part because I scheduled a December show at Guardino Gallery, where I'm planning on doing a six foot holiday scene in their window with many of the items from the Bunny with a Toolbelt line. It's really hard to see what's at the bottom of this wonky castle, even on the original postcard, but it still inspires me to get back to the workbench.

P.S. I created a poll at the bottom of this page where you can vote on items you'd like to see added to this section. If you think of anything I haven't, email me at ! Thanks!!

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