another contest!

Hey Beautiful Person! Need a little spending cash in the Bunny with a Toolbelt store? I'm having another contest and this time the big prize is not one, not two, but three gift certificates worth $100 each!!

This time it's a photo contest--take a gander at the items in my Etsy shop, blog archives, or Facebook fan page and pick one to emulate. It's up to you how elaborate you want to get, but take a picture of yourself acting like one of my figures in whatever way you see fit.

I'll post all entries here on the blog between now and December 9th. Then we'll have a two day voting period where you can all help decide the winner. The three prizes will be awarded in the following categories:
1. most hilarious
2. most creative
3. people's choice

You can enter as many times as you want, but each person who enters can only win one of these gift certificates. The winners will be announced on December 12, 2009.

So get your thinking caps on and send photos to me at If you're not in the mood to dress up and look like a fool in front of the whole world, you can always click here and buy a gift certificate for the Bunny with a Toolbelt afficionado in your world.

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