The Duck and the Kangaroo

I recently did a special commission for my friend, author Jane Wattenberg, to celebrate the publication of her latest book. Or, in her own words: At last, Edward Lear's fabulous love poem, THE DUCK AND THE KANGAROO, comes to life in a book of it's very own!
“My life is a bore in this nasty pond, and I long to go out in the world beyond. I wish I could hop like you,” said the Duck to the Kangaroo.

Jane Wattenberg weaves Edward Lear's very own paintings of animals (find a turtle, squirrel, parrot and owl), as well as bits of paintings from other naturalist artists 1550-1850, into the pages of her evocative photo-collage illustrations.

This is a beautiful, emotive and loving interspecies romance. Click here to order this book for your very own! And here's the commission I made for her:
Jane also asked me to make a kangaroo with a joey in her pouch. Sweet. I will have to make some more of these for my Etsy store eventually.

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