engagement story contest entry #2!!

Hello Beautiful People!! We have just received our second entry in the "tell us your engagement story" contest! Here's the latest sweet tale of love from Kelle and Collier, pictured here. (Need a refresher on the rules? Click here.) Voting will commence in early May. The couple chose the Pretty Kitty Bride and Groom cake toppers to depict their saga.

Collier and I have had quite the history - we dated for a year then broke up and lost touch for another two. Proving that true love DOES exist, we reconnected, both expressed that we never had stopped loving the other, and started dating again in 2007. When we reconnected we both realized this was it and were both ready to move forward with our commitment to each other and the only thing standing between us and our engagement was finding money to buy the engagement ring! We were blessed with an heirloom diamond that has been worn by Collier's Grandmother and his Mom, and went to a few stores so Collier could get an idea on what types of rings I like as I don't ever wear other jewelry! Collier took a trip to his hometown and told me he and his mom would be working on designing my ring. A month or so later he mysteriously had to take an urgent trip to his hometown and I knew my ring was ready! The week prior to his proposal was pretty brutal...I kept expecting him to propose every time I turned around!

I started selling my handmade soaps on Etsy about 6 months prior to our engagement and my business was just starting to really take off. Receiving special requests was not totally unheard of and I did receive quite a few local customer requests for pickup rather than paying shipping. But when a new customer sent a request for me to bring 3 bars of soap to my favorite restaurant on Saturday night at 7 pm because she was working, I knew something was up. I thought about it long and hard and then decided to tell Collier that I knew what he was planning. He was upset as I'd ruined the surprise, but ultimately the surprise wouldn't have happened and I knew he wanted it to get me when I least expected it! I also confessed to him that I would really prefer a less public engagement.

For the few days thereafter there were many perfect "pop the question" moments. We were walking along an ice shelf along the lake with our dog on a gorgeous spring day. At our favorite park the next. But nothing. I was convinced that he'd just decided not to ask if I was going to ruin his surprises! We were having a very normal Saturday at home that weekend, Collier was watching a movie and I was in the dining room working on my soap business. I decided to take an inventory of my soaps that day. I went to count one batch and turned around to find Collier standing in the doorway. He asked what I was doing and I told him I was counting soaps. I approached him and asked him to excuse me as I had to update the list in my computer. He said, "I think you should go count the soaps again." I looked at him as though he was from another planet and said, "There are 14 bars of Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey...I just counted...excuse me please." We went back and forth several times with him telling me to recount and me telling him I really didn't need to. Finally I went back just so he would give up and let me pass and saw an open ring box sitting on top of my soap shelves. I immediately started crying and wondering how I'd missed seeing it when I initially went back to the room! I turned around, speechless, and Collier kneeled down on the floor (this room was also temporarily being used for one of the kitty litterboxes so he kneeled on scattered cat litter no less!) and asked if I would marry him. Of course I said yes! We were then able to celebrate at my favorite restaurant which was the perfect end to a beautiful day.


  1. wonderful story, Kelle!

  2. Love it! The kitty little part is priceless :)

  3. I hope you guys win! Great story, Kelle, and I am so happy for you! Thanks for giving me hope that true love really can exist.

  4. Anyone who knows you should have been able to guess what animals should be your wedding cake topper!
    Very befitting!
    Meow :)

  5. Too cute! Love them! Love you guys!

  6. Wonderful story - the kitty litter part and choosing the kitty toppers fits you guys perfectly. How lucky I am to know the two of you!