engagement story contest entry #4!!

Hello Beautiful People!! We have now our fourth contestant in the "tell us your engagement story" contest! This is from LeeLa and Adam, in what looks like a hot air balloon, which is super romantic in my book!! (Need a refresher on the rules? Click here.) Voting will commence in early May. The couple chose the Robot Bride and Groom cake toppers to illustrate this story.

In March 2006, I moved into a duplex in a neighborhood just north of uptown Charlotte called NoDa. I received an email from Adam on a social networking site called Friendster (never heard of it, its okay I think we were the only ones on it). We emailed back and forth for about a month. I discovered he lived in NoDa too, and we have mutual friends in the neighborhood. I decided to meet him for coffee at the local coffee shop Smelly Cat. Fast forward 2 1/2 years, traveling the world, living together, adopting a rescue dog, then navigating unemployment, and him enrolling in law school. *whew*

One rainy, dreary Sunday morning, Adam and I planned to have Sunday Brunch with his sister and his mom at a great Cajun restaurant. Despite the fact, that I had to go straight to the Children's Theatre for work immediately following brunch, Adam insisted on driving.

He received a call that his sister was running late, and asking us to meet his mom at the coffee shop across the street, Smelly Cat. I thought this was odd, why not wait in the restaurant but I relented.

We parked behind the building, and Adam insisted that we walk in the rain to the front door of Smelly Cat since the side door was kept locked. I was certain that was clear Fire Code violation but I relented. *I'm really picky about little things* a bit of a character flaw, but Adam likes to think of it has an endearing imperfection.

Now's where it gets a little blurry. We walk in to Smelly Cat - where we met. I see Adam's best friend then one of my best friends.

I was very confused, a coffee shop of people I know. I turned to Adam and he was on one knee. I combusted into tears and don't have any clue what he said but I know what I my response was. I said yes. Adam orchestrated the whole thing. He had my parents, his family, our close friends. And he even got my best friend Amy up from Atlanta. I had no clue that my friends and family could keep this a secret from me. He is that amazing! Adam is my best friend and I'm thrilled to call him my husband in August.

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