squirrels are not urban rats!

Interesting article about squirrels in the New York Times reveals that:

*Squirrels greet each other with a mutual nuzzling of cheek and lip glands that looks decidedly like a kiss.

*A squirrel's tail is a serves as a thermoregulatory device, in winter helping to shunt warm blood toward the squirrel’s core and in summer to wick excess heat off into the air.

*Squirrels can rotate their ankles 180 degrees, and so keep a grip while climbing no matter which way they’re facing.

There's a lot more fascinating stuff to learn about this common creature. (Did I mention over 250 species?) Click here and ye shall be magically transported into the original New York Times article. Or check out my squirrel selections on Etsy in the critters or wedding cake toppers sections!


  1. BWAT, I don't get by you blog nearly enough, of course, when I do, I tend to stay here a while and hang on your every word. These squirrel figurines are SO cute! BTW, I'm a big fan of Jonathan Adler too!!

  2. awww...thanks for the nice comment! I am waaaay behind on blog posts, so stay tuned for more reading!