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One of my favorite online reads is a blog called Regretsy. Yes, I said Regretsy, not Etsy, where I sell my Bunny with a Toolbelt work and also follow their blogs, seller profiles, and forums with religious fervor. Regretsy is the work of comedienne April Winchell, who had no idea what she was getting into last fall when she started this blog that showed some of the more ridiculous items on Etsy, and then gave an ever-so-brief commentary at the end. Her sense of humor may not be for everyone, but it works for me and thousands of other people who made her an overnight sensation.

Winchell is engaged to be married, and has recently started a monthly column with to chronicle her experience on that front for the next year. I find her attitude a welcome departure from your typical bride-to-be mantra, since this is her second time down the aisle and she brings a voice of experience that's witty and wise to the field.

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