T is for.....

Hello Beautiful People! I'm back today with our T-Bird (dang it....I clearly missed that pun opportunity....oh well....)--------> the Tanager!  
 T is for Tammy,
who lived by the lake.
Sh played tambourine
'til her kids were awake.
The Tanager is a bird species that can come in many colors. Here's a photo I found with five different varieties from more tropical climes: the Golden Tanager, Swallow Tanager, Blue-winged Mountain-Tanager, Red-necked Tanager, Beryl-spangled Tanager.
 One of the more common Tanagers we see in the eastern parts of the United States is the Scarlet Tanager: 
 But I decided to go with my local variety, the Western Tanager:
Behold, our Alphabirds: 
And now, for my favorite part of these updates.....the video accompaniment. I present to you, Gonzo: Asia's First Tambourine Master: 
 back tomorrow with another bird!
take care,

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