X is for.....

Hello again beautiful people!
It's a good thing the avian kingdom is so large, and that we have thoughtful countries like Mexico who use the letter X at the beginning of so many words. For the aforementioned reasons, our book could proudly include the Xenops as its X species. 

 X is for Xerxes,
whose plumage was brown,
but it didn't inhibit
his need to get down!

This was a fun one to make.  I took advantage of his all brown plumage (unusual for a bird found south of the border! and added the brown shoes so familiar in my childhood and now oddly back in vogue: Birkenstocks 

 Here's the full piece as it will look in the book: 

 This shot allows you to appreciate the wingspan with slightly curved wingtips:

 I wish I could say this instrument was also playable, like the marimba I made.....but maybe this video will make up for it. 

 Back tomorrow with.....not sure yet, but it will be good!
take care.

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