Here's a few foxes who are saving the earth by.....

Hey Beautiful People! 
I estimate that I'm a little over halfway done with the fox figures. Want to meet a few of the characters I've been working on in the past month since my last update? 
These little foxes shop for organic fruits and vegetables at the grocery store and take them home in cloth shopping bags:

 These little foxes carry their own water containers rather than buying plastic bottles:

This fox turns the water faucet off when brushing teeth:  

 These foxes walk (or bike) to do their errands or exercise rather than drive:

 And these foxes keep the earth green by mending, sharing, or shopping for clothes at thrift stores rather than buying new: 

 It's been really fun and challenging learning how to anthropomorphize these little guys, so I am not plowing through this project like others in the past, but I am very excited about this book and video. If all goes well, I'll be back in a month or less to report that I'm ready for the next step in production! 
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