Flora and Fauna in Foxville

Hey Beautiful People! 
It's been about three weeks since our campaign ended and I've been working away on our Little Foxes project! The first big super boring, not photo-friendly but very important step was to get the book written and storyboarded! This involved a fair amount of research about recycling, reading other children's books on the topic so I don't cover any territory already claimed by one of my esteemed colleagues, and making a long list of words that rhyme with green. My plan for these updates is not to go into detail about the specific text of the book, but touch on topics and behind-the-scenes studio shots. The images above and below this paragraph show some of the flora and fauna I've been working on for the first few pages of our story, where we establish that foxes love to run and play in the forest and that's why they want to keep the earth "very green." 

 Later in the book, we see a little fox enjoying some alone time in the forest knowing his paper recycling is making a difference: 

 Of course, I will have all of these scenes professionally photographed so everything will be lit and focused perfectly. 
My goal is to have all of the figures made and ready for the photo shoot by mid-April, so I'll check back in at the end of the month to show you my progress. 
Thanks everyone for your support of this project!

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