turtles who love turtles

Hey Beautiful Person!

I recently got a commission to make a special set of wedding cake toppers for a lesbian couple. It was a surprise gift from a friend of the lucky couple, and she thought that one bride and one with a bird on its back seemed like the right way to portray them. I was a little perplexed about how to make the veil work with a turtle body, but was really happy with this solution. The customer bought my little wedding cake too, and seeing this trio makes me really happy.

The customer was so pleased with the results when they arrived on her doorstep, that she took it one step further and asked if it was okay if they designed turtle wedding shower t-shirts for all the bachelorettes. I was so impressed with the results (it actually reminds me of the graphics on a card line I designed too!) To see more work by Freshwater Design, click here.)


  1. How cool is that! Nice job, ToolBunny! :-) Adorable turtles.