Who are the critters in your neighborhood?

Well, the last 24 hours pretty much did me in, but we officially have a show up at Guardino Gallery. It was a big push getting my giant bird done, but it absolutely was the right thing to do. The front window wouldn't have worked too well without it. But first things first--getting there. It took two trips to get all our work to the gallery, but the good thing is that we both live within 25 blocks of Guardino, so it didn't use up too much time or precious gasoline. Here's a shot of Tripper holding my long dachshund piece out the window of the truck for air. It's a lot like my own precious pup who sticks his head out that same window every day on our way to the park. The dachshund I made was 3 feet long, too big to put in any of the boxes I had sitting around, but it was no problem holding him for the 12 block journey.
Here's a shot I took out the back of my pickup window, transporting my work in load two. Too bad I didn't have my camera with me for the load with the big ukelele!
We did the front window first, mostly to get our 11 foot ukelele and the 6 foot bird out of our way! The only way that big ukelele was going to fit in the space was to suspend it at an angle, so Tripper had to get up on the ladder to wire it to an old light fixture in the ceiling.

It's very difficult to photograph this window at all times of the day, so you'll have to come down and see it for yourself! You can make out my big bird over there on the right, crooning to the tunes coming from the world's largest ukelele. I placed a few of my oversized Bunny with a Toolbelt figures at the feet to help fill the space.

Next, we hung the giant finger sign that Tripper also made. We were thinking it would also act as a shelf so we could mount some of my bird sculptures there. I loved the way that Snow White just sticks her finger out and birds land on it, so Tripper graciously agreed to help me live out this fantasy.

It was fantastic to have Donna's eye to help us arrange the work in the gallery. She has many decades of experience hanging shows, and was able to see clearly how everything would work together in her space. I'm planning on going back and taking a few more pictures once the labels are all up, but here's a teaser shot for you. I'll post a few more images in the next few days of work in the show. Click here for information about Guardino Gallery, and we'll see you at the opening this Thursday!

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