a Christmas story about A Penguin Story

I wanted to share with you the Christmas present I made for my nieces and their parents. It started with a walk down the street from where I live to Green Bean Books, a wonderful community bookstore for readers of all ages. (Heavy focus on younger readers) I found a great book in their front window called A Penguin Story, which seemed perfect to me because it's wintry, has cute animals as the stars that I already know how to render, great color scheme, and talks about science which is good for any young girl to start contemplating.
I read through the book and picked out elements of the story that seemed important, and made them in my Bunny with a Toolbelt style. Then I wrapped each gift separately and put a number on the top. I put a correspondingly numbered post-it note in the book so that the pieces could be opened as the story unfolded.

Sadly, I did not get to see either family open their gifts, but it was a fun project. Happy holidays everyone!

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