a custom order for a respectful child

I had a really cool request recently, from a close friend whose daughter is nuts about Duplo blocks. (Think Legos on steroids) She has a lot of animals that were made to accompany the set, but the daughter was sad that there was no bird. Making sure that she knew that it wasn't as durable as the Duplo blocks, I agreed to make her wishes come true.

They gave me a block to use as a template--the hitch is that all the Duplo animals can snap onto the basic four bump unit. I made the base to fit that size and drilled the holes accordingly.

She loved it and played with it for at least six months before the dog got a hold of it. I recently fixed it so she's back in business. Here's a picture of her with bird v.2

And here she is with her entire Bunny with a Toolbelt menagerie! It's nice to know that some children are respectful of the handmade objects in their lives.

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  1. This was by far one of mthe most thought provoking merry go rounds we've had. Im still not convinced I am all done thingking it through.
    I think the amount of detail and the stricking color combinations you use are your trademark. Unique style that sets you apart.
    925 sterling silver