Quickie Contest! Ends Sunday night, October 24!

Okay folks...I'm throwing down the gauntlet! I need some ideas for signs for picketing Santas, Mrs. Santas, Elves, and Rabbis for my new stop action movie to be filmed next week! Look at my album of last year's designs and suggest your own here on my Facebook page or on my blog--if I use your suggestion, I'll give you ...the piece I make for the movie! Such a deal!!!! All entries must come in by Sunday, October 24 at 11:11PM Pacific Standard Time. Good luck!!

(ps. sorry but Blogger won't let me add an image right now--click here to see the album of last year's Picketing Santas on Facebook!)


  1. Mrs. Santa's picket sign: " I'm the nut in your fruitcake"
    elf sign "bahh humbug"
    Christmas bride sign "eat, drink & remarry"
    Santa with bag " fresh out of hope & change, make another wish, kid"
    Mrs Santa sign "irritable spouse syndrome"
    Santa standing on a big rock, "that's the jingle bell rock"
    submitted by Merlyn Bost
    best wishes for another great project!

  2. how about "Free all elves--NOW!!" or

    "Latkes rule!" or "support latkes NOW!!"

  3. More Mistletoe
    Less Whine

    Love the santas they're fabulous :)

  4. Latkes for all; all for latkes!

  5. thanks for the great ideas everyone!

  6. protest: more gingerbread, less fruitcake.

    Reindeer's Rule.

    You Better Believe or Just Wait until next Year!