speak softly (but carry a huge picket sign!)

I'm finally ready to announce the winners of my "What's your Sign?" contest! As you know, faithful Bunny with a Toolbelt fans, I had about fifty entries in the contest to choose from....and four winners emerged from the pile! Let me introduce you to them!

First off, I just want to say that I leaned most heavily towards entries that followed the general idea of playing on a traditional picket sign or general political rallying slogan. (Sometimes more common on a t-shirt or bumper sticker or button.) This is the original idea behind these pieces, so that's where my heart remains. Aside from that, filling gaps I didn't already hit and humor were big factors.  So now...the winners: I chose Nan Emmet of Spirited Earth Studios, for this slogan: "More Gingerbread, Less Fruitcake"

Next up was one of my wedding cake topper customers Wendy, who did another riff on the classic with "We're Fat, We're Jolly, Get used to it!"

Merlyn's entry was slightly different, but I couldn't believe I missed hot buttered rum on a sign! My parents made this for many a party when I was a kid, and even though it doesn't sound that appealing for my tastes, it remains a Christmas classic in my mind. 

And finally, I chose three slogans from Janet, who helped get the ball rolling on my new picketing Rabbis! 
 I'm working on a brand new mini-button design and would like to reward everyone who entered with one, so I"ll be in touch soon to get your contact info. Meanwhile, I'm finishing up the final details on the group for this weekend's big shoot. Here's the penguins enjoying the craft services table, and their other friends queuing up for their Hollywood moments. Stay tuned for the release next week.


  1. Wow - your work is wonderful. Some of the pieces remind me of an artist I am following in Australia:

    She is more into the Russian nesting dolls' look. You may enjoy her ieces too!

  2. thanks so much for sending this! I'll look it up!