Engagement Story #5!

Hello Beautiful People! We're coming down the homestretch of our 2011 "How'd Ya Get Hitched?" contest! I've been enjoying the stories so far--keep 'em coming. This contest ends on May 15th, just a few days away! And Now I present to you: The engagement story of Dan and Carly, illustrated by Mr. and Mrs. Roboto.

I (Carly) had been on a 2 week seminar on Environmental and Social Justice and Sustainability in Nicaragua. Dan and I had not been able to talk the whole time, since I was in parts of Nicaragua without reliable electricity.

On the day I got back to Missoula, MT, Dan asked me for the ring that I wear on my right ring finger, for some “cheap butterfly ring at a thrift store.” I told him, “Ok, but if you want it to be for my left hand, you have to go down a size.” 

A couple days after that, he told me that we were to spend all day together, going out to eat, and that I should dress up a little. So, I awaited his proposal ALL DAY! First he took me out to breakfast at my favorite pancake parlor, but he didn’t ask me then. After, we went to a cute lunch spot called Catalyst, but he didn’t ask me then either. By this time I was really stuffed! We went out to eat at the nicest restaurant in town for dinner, and I sat in suspense the whole time… I couldn’t eat partially because I was so anxious, but mostly because I had already eaten so much food that day. By the end of dinner, he STILL didn’t ask me. I was beginning to think that he changed his mind.

Then, he drove me up to our favorite hiking spot. We call it “Meth Mountain” because we left this freaky wooden angel figure at the top who has all these scary lines on her face (like meth person scary), and each time we have visited, she is still in the same spot, on a rock on the side of the mountain. It was a long drive up the switch-backs, but when we finally reached the top, we hiked up to our little meth angel, and he said, “Those two weeks you were gone was the most time we have passed since we met without talking. I really didn’t like that!” Then, he took out the ring he bought (NOT the cheap butterfly one), and asked me to marry him. And of course, I said yes.

And there you have it! That's five entries, with two winners--very good odds to win a free custom cake topper! If you're still waiting to enter, send your story in before it's too late! Click here for full details of this year's contest.

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