got SNAG?

Hello to all of you, especially those affiliated with the Society of North American Goldsmiths, better known by its acronym SNAG.

This week is their annual conference, held in Seattle this time around. I will be representing in two different arenas during Saturday's programming. In the morning, I'll be part of the Professional Development Seminar, a panel discussion about promoting yourself as an artist. The focus will primarily be on the work I do as Bunny with a Toolbelt.
Even if you're not registered for the conference, this is one event that anyone can attend. Click on the image below to find out more details about the Professional Development Seminar.

If you are attending the conference, I hope you got tickets to Exhibition in Motion at the Bellevue Arts Museum. This year's theme is Objects Performed where dancers will wear and perform with the featured artworks. My piece epiphytes|epaulet is part of the body of work I do under my own name Hilary Pfeifer, and will be part of this performance. In a nutshell, Objects Performed is a performance that provides a stage for craft artists and dancer/performers to explore how objects are made to function, and the imagination and improvisation activated in one’s pursuit to use. Curated by Stefano Catalani, Venetia Dale, and Tia Kramer in collaboration with choreographer Amelia Reeber. This is a one-time-only event and sold out but you can see what pieces will be included by clicking here.

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