Engagement Story #7!

Hello Beautiful People! Here it is...the last entry in the 2011 "How'd Ya Get Hitched?" contest! If you're still thinking about entering, you have until midnight tonight, Sunday, May 15th to send me your entry, so make it happen! This story comes to you courtesy of Ashley and Jesse, who identify with the giraffe wedding cake topper, so I showed some examples from the three designs I have in my Etsy shop!


Jesse and I had been living together for about 6 months, and talking about getting married, but he had me convinced that he wouldn't have time to think about such things until after baseball season. Jesse works every Giants homegame at the stadium so it's a lot of work. In mid-June, we were going to go up to his family's vacation house near Clear Lake for Father's Day. We'd both been working really hard, and hadn't seen much of each other, so I was kind of bummed that we wouldn't get a weekend alone. As we're driving up, I was so tired that I didn't even notice we'd gone the wrong way. It wasn't until we were driving around some little neighborhood that I finally realized something was amiss. I was commenting on how cute the houses were when Jesse pulled into one and said, okay, let's just stay here then! It was his Aunt's house on the Russian River that he'd secured for a weekend getaway for just us. I was so excited! The river was beautiful, and sweet Goldendoodle Rusty had the best time running along the grass and swimming. I still had no clue. In fact, I made Jesse assure me this wasn't an engagement set up because I wanted to enjoy the weekend and not be thinking, "why's he bending down there, is he going to propose?!?" the whole time. The next morning, groggy without my coffee, I was laser focused on making it, and didn't notice Jesse running around the house setting up a beautiful brunch by the river. He had bagels and lox (my fave!) juice, fruit, it was awesome. After a while, he started telling me how much he loved me, and giving me this speech which I thought "is this it! No, he said not yet..." I was still clueless, and when he paused in his speech, I went back to my bagel. When I turned around, there he was on bended knee and proposing! Thank goodness I'm totally gullible. It was so nice to be surprised! Tears spontaneously sprung to my eyes, ricocheting off my sunglasses, and I said yes. We had the rest of the weekend to ourselves, and to celebrate with our puppy, and drove up to see his father late the next day. Unbeknownst to me, Jesse had run around all day on Friday before we left to get the ring and all the brunch fixings. Sneaky guy, but it was for a good cause!


  1. I LOVE this story. A very modern couple who found love and the very best that romantic tradition has to offer. I love it that they are not old fashioned but they found what generations and centuries of couples have found in the most romantic and old fashioned of traditions.
    Ashley and Jesse, YES !!!

  2. Wow! We're awesome! Do I get to vote for myself? Well, I am!

  3. A Russian River escape in the midst of Giants Torture? Sounds great to me!

  4. A surprise Russian River getaway proposal - that includes your AMAZINGLY beautiful ring, gets my vote.

  5. This beautiful cake topper couldn't go to a more deserving couple! Love you guys!

  6. Just goes to show, if you want someone not to know you're about to propose to her, don't let her have coffee that morning.

    I'll remember this.