E is for Egret

Hello Beautiful People!

It's time for a little update on the project! 

First off, a very important announcement. We have a new backer reward: at the $35 level, Kickstarter backers can get an 8x8 full color print of any of the pages in the book.
Okay, now that we have that out of the way, on with the show. Here's how our friend Dodo turned out:
 here's a detail of those feathers:
 If you didn't recognize them, this Dodo has on a pair of off-brand fuzzy boots that were trendy about a decade ago. Know what I'm talking about? Here's the product name for his pair:
 The figure stands about 10 inches high. Still working on the digeridoo he'll be playing.  
Here's my sketchbook page for the letter E:
 E is for Ernest
Who remained undeterred
When the audience requested
the encore "Free Bird"
E! An Egret With an Electric Guitar!
The neck of this magnificent bird is not quite like the one in my sketch above--it's a lot more crooked and proved to be the most challenging part of this piece.
 This is a large piece (about 12"high) and has blue flippers for feet.
 The feathers are a subtle white on white detail that's hard to capture on film.
 But here's Ernest!  I made a few little lighter wielding critters who will be requesting "Free Bird" for the book, but, again, am not sure I've gotten it right yet, so put it aside for now.
Next week will mark the halfway point in my Kickstarter campaign. My goal is to be halfway done with the birds (13) by the end of the fundraising. I'm coming down the homestretch on H, so sit tight if you want to see bird #6: a hummingbird playing a hurdy gurdy in a Hungarian Hat!
I'll leave you with a special message from me and Birdie.
take care,
's video poster

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