A Loon with a Lute

Hello Beautiful People!
With barely over a week to go in the Kickstarter, I am back to start dazzling you with my 7th bird for Alphabird: the Loon with a Lute. My strongest memory of this bird was paddling around a moonlit lake in northern Maine some 30 years ago as my sweetheart called to them and we'd wait for their response. 
Here's my sketchbook as I worked through the ditty for this page

The one I like best reads:
L is for Lucy
who waxed sentimental,
when strumming rock ballads
on a lute, oh so gentle.

 The orientation of the bird and instrument will be adjusted for the photo shoot, but here's the general idea--bear in mind that I still need to add some strings to that lute!

 I had a great time doing the patterning on the back and neck

and even the subtle detail on the eye:
I'll be back tomorrow with another bird for you. Don't forget, there are still 9 opportunities to choose an original bird from this project--an offer only good during the next week of this Kickstarter. If you haven't pledged yet, what are you waiting for? 
Here's a parting shot of my workspace this past week, with a sneak preview of what's to come.
take care,

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