Hey Beautiful People!
I've been working really hard this week to make some finished foxes to show you before the campaign ends! The image above is a batch of finished heads, which I've been working on in the past few weeks when I've had a bit of time here and there. It has helped a lot to have this labor-intensive step done, and I should be able to show you at least 12-15 completed figures on Monday.

In the meantime, I am closing in on the $5000 goal, so I decided to add a few more reward options to sweeten the pot. At the $65 level, you can now get a sitting fox figure with any message written on the sign! I prefer "Foxes against Fascism," myself, but you can go with anything your little heart desires if you choose this pledge.

I also added several examples of the poses you can choose from for your basic fox figure:

a fox looking to the left or the right 

 a curious fox looking down at something

 the basic fox, or one in play posture.
And here's a bit of good news! If you're already pledging for a basic fox figure, you can add another $45 to get additional figures in any of these poses! In fact, I'm making add-ons available for anyone. If you want to add a bandanna or dish towel to your pledge, I'll cover the postage. Depending on how many foxes you add or where you live, I might even cover the postage for a fox figure. Oh, and that reminds me, I opened up the pledging to include Canada, the European Union, Australia and New Zealand. If you're reading this and from another country I haven't included, message me and I'll add it. Here's the handy dandy add-ons chart. All you have to do is go into your pledge and add the amount for whatever you want. I'll ask you at shipping time exactly what you want me to send you.

 I even added an add-on for the softcover book, since it seems likely I'll get close enough to that goal to just do it. It seems a lot less likely that I'll be able to do the hardcover edition unless a miracle happens between now and Tuesday, but this will be better than nothing!
Thanks again to all of you who have pledged to help me take on this new project in 2017! I'll be back on Monday to show you some of the finished critters, but in the meantime, enjoy this sneak preview.
take care,

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