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 Hey Beautiful People! 
 I've hit the slow middle hiatus of my Little Foxes Kickstarter campaign (folks usually pledge the beginning or at the last minute) so I thought I'd bring some foxy love into your life. There's not a ton of art making to show, since I am in the research phase again wanting this to be a book, but I just found out about this amazing Fox Village in Japan that can help us all live vicariously for a bit:

 Thanks to all of you who have supported the project already, and don't forget to tell your fox loving friends about my push goals to get to $5k to make this video into a softcover book, and $8.5k to make it a hardcover! I passed the $3k mark last weekend, so I know it's possible!
One last bit of good news--I was interviewed today for The Portland Tribune, so that may help push me over the goal mark when it comes out next week! Woohoo!
take care,

P.S. The images at the top and bottom of this post are pieces I recently finished and are all available on the Bunny with a Toolbelt Etsy site!

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