It's the final countdown......

Hey Beautiful People!
Looks like we pretty much made the goal to make Little Foxes into a softcover book, so THANK YOU all who pledged and/or increased their pledges to help me get there. If you haven't pledged yet--click here because you're running out of time to get a great deal on an original fox figure or other lovely rewards! (See bottom of this post for information about add-ons)
As promised, I'm back to show you a few of the finished pieces I've been working on in the past week! Yesterday I spent the day watching a few of the Oscar-nominated documentary films and did a preliminary layout of two of the pages I showed you last week in update #5. 

 I plan to adjust the arms so they aren't so curvy and possibly change that yellow paper bin to something more object oriented to represent paper or maybe even plastic, but this is the general idea of how this page will look. The text layout also needs a little more flow to make sure it's read in the correct order, but this is the way I want the page to feel. 

 Here's the page with the foxes with the recycling and garbage bins. Those of you who know the original song by Malvina Reynolds that Little Foxes is based on will appreciate the reworking of the lyrics.

 I also was able to finish up a few of the other foxes I drew for the book dummy. Above is one of the many foxes I'll make for the "green transportation" page. In addition to the skateboard and roller skating critters, I'm also planning to do walkers, runners, hikers, bicycling and tricycling foxes, jump ropers, dog walkers, scooter riders, and......feel free to leave your ideas in the comments for this post if you have your own ideas! 

 Last, but not least, I finished up a fox with a cloth shopping bag for the section of the book that will cover food procuring and composting as green options. 

 I'm excited to be working on a book that integrates my figures into a narrative, so it's great to see the pages start to come together. My next steps will be to finalize the text and layout so I can finish up the figures and have this book ready to publish this summer! The Kickstarter campaign ends tomorrow, so if you're still hoping to grab a fox figure, bandanna, or a discounted book, pledge now! Here's that add-ons chart again if you want more than one of any of the aforementioned rewards. This offer is only available while the Kickstarter campaign is alive! Thanks again for your support of Little Foxes!

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