Limerick Contest Entries #10, 11 and 12!!

This morning I received three lovely limericks, all about my lemony luverly wedding cake toppers. I have a number of beautiful shots of this piece taken earlier this year by Jill Heupel, so I thought I'd devote this entire blog posting to the theme. Take it away, Margaret!

There once were two birds on a lemon
Both to each other betrothen
They chatted all day
about what, I can't say
Those lovely love birds on the lemon.

Two birds did sit on some fruit
Each thought the other a hoot
They planned and they plotted
And the tie was then knotted
Those dearly wed birds on the fruit.

A lemon did hold two small birds
And set quite a scene for some words.
They chatted and chippered
and peep-cheeped and pippered
on just how to make lemon that curds.

How about you? Got a limerick in you? There's still about a week to get your limerick in and win the $100 gift certificate to my Etsy shop! Need a reminder of the rules? Click here!

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