meet Mondrianiphant and Neopoliphant

Let's explore the middle of the alphabet today--our representatives for letter M and N from the Elephabet Book are ready to meet you!

First we have Mondrianiphant, named for Dutch De Stijl artist Piet Mondrian. I made two examples for this letter and these diptychs show how the painter's distinctive style extends around this 3-d object. These figures will be priced around $75 apiece when the book is completed.

The letter N is represented by Neapolitaphant, named for Neapolitan, one of the tastiest ice cream flavors that combines strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. I added a cherry on top and a ice cream cone hat. I made two of these figures, changing around the distribution of flavors. Still deciding on the pricing for these--probably around $100.

Want to be alerted when these babies go on sale in November? Sign up for my Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of my Elephabet Book! Click here to learn more!

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