Make my P the P-Funkiphant

Hello again, beautiful people! I'm here with a few more Elephabet characters for your virtual delight!

First we have the letter P, which started out as F and had a brief consideration as B. This is because I felt certain that Elephabet needed some reference to the hardest working band in show business, Parliament Funkadelic. F (funkaphant) lost out to Fromagiphant pretty soon, and I was thiiiiiis close to making it B for Boomshakalakaphant, which was so much fun to say but another B won my heart. (Stay tuned for that in the next week!) See if you can spot the tongue-pleasing inspiration of Boomshakalakaphant in this ditty.) But it was the original stylings of P-Funk bassist Bootsy Collins that brought me down to earth. I designed two elephants based on outfits from his fashion repertoire:

both of these pieces will be priced around $100.

And I couldn't resist making a third P-Funkiphant that's a tribute to the freewheeling 70's:

this rather large one, which I will probably call Boomshakalakaphant, will be $150.

I have a second letter to show you as well - R - which is for Radiophant. Radio (mostly public) has always been a huge part of my life, so I had to pay tribute in some manner. I made three versions of Radiophants for the book:

an early model, which will be priced at $150

I wanted to pay tribute to the mid-20th century bakelite models, which was a bit of a challenge, but I like the way this one turned out. I added a little "listen" slogan down at the bottom of the tuning dial rather than a brand name. This one will probably be around $100.

And, last but not least, a full-on boom box elephant. This one will be around $150 as well.

I have a little under three weeks to complete the final 11 letters for the book! Well, that's my goal, at least, to have them all under my belt by the end of the Kickstarter campaign on September 11th. Have you signed on yet?

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